Town of Annetta North

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Sales Tax Rate

Jurisdiction Name Local Code Tax Rate
ANNETTA NORTH CITY TAX: 2184124 $0.0125000
PARKER COUNTY TAX: 4184008 $0.0050000
STATE SALES TAX: $0.0625000
Total Tax Rate: $0.0800000

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Important Information: Utility companies are now paying a tax called the miscellaneous gross receipts tax. It is imposed on customers in a city or town with a population of 1,000 or more, according to the federal census. Annetta North had a population of only 518 in the 2010 census, so residents of Annetta North should not be paying this tax. Please check your electric bill to see if it is listed, and if so, call your electricity provider to obtain a refund.


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Official Newspaper: The Community News